The UCSB Cheer Team is a student-run team composed of full-time students. We are a co-ed competitive team that competes in local and national competitions. In addition to that, we cheer and perform at UCSB Men’s Soccer, Men’s basketball, and Women’s basketball games.


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  1. Hi, Katrina! Our team does not have any specific requirements. However, standing backhand spring and standing tucks, as well as, running round off back handspring tucks are encouraged. The talent on this team really varies! If you have any more questions please feel free to email: ucsbcheerleading@gmail.com.

  2. Hi! My name is Karina Marconi and I’m currently a sophomore at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA. I’m on the JV cheer team there and I was looking at your website but I was unable to find a link or page to see the requirements to be able to make the team. If you could respond as soon you as you are able to, that would be great! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi I’m an incoming Freshman and I’m looking into trying out my sophomore year. I was cheer captain at my high school and have experience in dancing routines. I am a base and I also have a lot of experience in stunting. The only problem is that I have to wear a knee brace in any physical activity. Will that be a problem?

  4. Could you please tell me what the requirements are for the competition team? Thanks!

  5. If you believe that you will have conflicts with attending tryouts in person,the next best thing is to send in a video tryout so we don’t miss out on your evaluation. We can work with you from there!

  6. Definitely keep working on new tumbling and keeping your skills up. I would encourage you to do cardio and strength training. We will see you next year at tryouts 🙂

  7. Hi!! I am an Incoming freshman at UCSB, and I plan on trying out to cheer my sophomore year. I have extensive stunting and cheer experience under my belt from high school years. I understand that a toe touch back handspring is either highly recommended or required to cheer for sb, but is there anything else you recommend I work on over this next year? 🙂

  8. Hi!! I am an incoming freshman to UCSB and am going to be trying out to cheer my sophomore year. I understand that a toe touch back handspring is needed to make the squad next year, is there anything else I should work on over the next year? I have extensive stunting experience and cheer experience from my high school years under my belt 🙂

  9. Positivity means the most to us, we can teach people how to stunt if they are willing to learn and love cheer 🙂 Tryout Videos were due tonight though so hurry and send it in!

  10. I was just wondering, because i don’t have much advanced stunting experience, if I would be considered because i looked at a lot of videos of UCSB cheer during competition and they were all hardcore stunts that I have never tried before…would my lack of experience be a problem?

  11. It doesn’t say specifically to in the video tryout requirement but If you have a dance you can showcase, then YES! Please include a dance. If you do not have a dance and it is stressing you out, then do not worry about it.

  12. Show as much as you can in video tryout, for example show what stunts you can do and every position you can do it in. We would like to see at least a fully extended cupie in at least one position. Also show all of the tumbling and jumps you can perform. All the requirements are on our updated tryouts tab under the tryout packet download. They are due by May 20th!!

  13. Hi I’m an incoming freshman and I was in cheer my freshman and sophomore year. I have mostly dance, front spotting experience and minimal flying experience. I have recently learned how to tumble(round-off back hand spring) a bit but I’m not sure if that’s enough…for the video tryouts what should we show?

  14. what if we don’t have that much stunting/tumbling experience ? can we still possibly make the team?

  15. We do still compete! In fact, last year we competed in the Small Coed 4 year division at the USA Collegiate nationals in Anaheim and next year we will be going to NCA Nationals in Daytona!

  16. Do you still compete? I haven’t seen any videos on youtube from the past couple of years

  17. Hi Natalie!
    Definitely work your tumbling over this next year and a half, since we suggest that every athlete have at least a Toe Touch Back handspring. If you get accepted to UCSB, we would love to see you at tryouts next year! Tryouts are over Memorial Day Weekend every year.

  18. I am captain of my cheer team, I have been in cheer for 4 years and I am planning to go to tumbling classes this summer with my team. I am currently a Junior in High school and I am planning on attending UCSB. Do I have a good chance getting in? Do I need to send a video of me stunting? I am a base.

  19. Yes absolutely and we would love to have YOU come tryout!!!!! Tryouts are over memorial day weekend, and we have open gyms every Monday and Wednesday night 9-11pm! See you there!

  20. We do not currently have rules about tattoos and would only adopt them if a certain competition or basketball tournament had restrictions. If that was the case, we would just ask that you put a bandaid over them.

  21. We do not have a weight limit for flyers. As long as a prospective flyer can complete the necessary skills/stunts they could be accepted as a flyer on our team.

  22. Yes! We have open gyms every Monday and Wednesday night at 9-11pm that you could attend. We are also holding a tryout clinic for new cheerleaders that you could participate in. Those dates will be released soon! Make sure to like our facebook page to stay up to date with all the new tryout info!

  23. UCSB does not have a football team, but we do cheer for our futbol team, aka our NCAA Division 1 Soccer team, as well as our men’s and Women’s Basketball teams.

  24. In order to prep for camps and soccer season, we have a few weeks of the summer designated as practice weeks. The specifics will be available in the tryout packet and will be discussed at the Info meeting, Friday night of tryout weekend!

  25. We recommend you come up for the in-person tryouts. We do accept video tryouts, but only for people who absolutely cannot make it.(i.e. They live in New York and have a competition or family wedding that weekend) Lots of our cheerleaders are from the San Diego area and the drive isn’t that bad as long as you go at low traffic times 🙂

  26. We try to fundraise as much of the cost as we possibly can. The exact info will be in the tryout packet and will be discussed at our Informational Meeting the Friday before tryouts weekend!! We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

  27. I live in San diego and I wouldn’t have the resources to come to Santa Barbara for tryouts weekend, am I severely at a disadvantage if I do a video tryout?

  28. You must be a full-time student for the entire school year to be eligible to tryout for the team. For example, if you would like to tryout for the 2015-2016 team (those tryouts will be held in May 2015), then you must be a full-time student at UCSB for the 2015-2015 school year (from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016).

  29. We don’t have set tumbling requirements, but we do recommend everyone to have at least a toe-touch backhandspring because we choreograph that into our competition routine every year.

  30. Hi! I was just wondering that if I was to come to the campus to tour, could I sit-in on a cheer practice to get the feel of it?

  31. I have been looking online everywhere and i can’t find anything. Do you have rules about tattoos? I have a tattoo that runs down my rib cage and would be seen in the two piece uniform. Is that something that would be allowed?

  32. We don’t have a set requirement, but we do recommend everyone to have a toe-touch backhandspring, since we incorporate that into our competition routine every year!

  33. What if we have cheer experience but don’t have any sort of tumbling?

  34. When will information be announced on trying out for the 2014-2015 year?

  35. Yes. It all depends on who comes to tryouts. Obviously the more experience the better. We have open gyms during spring quarter on Tuesday nights so you should definitely come and learn how to stunt as much as possible.

  36. Is it possible to join the team mid-year if you weren’t able to tryout at the designated tryout days because of a medical reason?

  37. We don’t have set requirements for tumbling, but we recommend you to have a toe-touch backhandspring, since we’ve had it choreographed into the routine the past several years.

  38. We don’t have a set number of girls that we take on the squad, but we take anywhere between 20 and 24. We could take more or less, depending on the turn out of tryouts. This past season we were a team of 22 girls, and the season before that we were a team of 24 girls.

  39. How many girls are actually allowed on the squad? Are freshman typically chosen to be on the team or are upper classman given priority?

  40. Typically the team is all girl. Depending on competition regulations about having one or two guys on the team we may reconsider but we do always compete in the all-girl division, so we must adhere to those rules.

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