2017 NCA Nationals

Keep an eye on our Instagram page as we prepare for 2017 NCA Nationals in Daytona, Florida! The team will fly out on April 4th!

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Team

Congratulations! If your name appears below, please be back at Rob Gym at 5pm. This is the finalized list for the 2016-2017 team:

  1. Anderson, Cassidy*
  2. Beil, Nicole
  3. Bettencourt, Stephanie
  4. Caretto, Kaelyn
  5. Constant, Sheridan
  6. Davila, Alex
  7. Denico, Taylor
  8. Dolne, Jahleane
  9. Ewart, Heather*
  10. Fox, Michaella
  11. Fuchs, Taylor
  12. Goetz, Amanda
  13. Hayes, Tara
  14. Hen, Valerie
  15. Hulsebus, Lindsey
  16. Jaunch, Devyn
  17. Kodama, Aimi*
  18. Lefebvre, Marin
  19. Lowery, Tara
  20. Mahoney, Marissa
  21. Jessie Montezuma
  22. Mora, Ivy
  23. Radin, Jarrod
  24. Reiff, Maddie
  25. Rodriguez, DeAnna
  26. Sanchez, Sandy
  27. Schlegel, Amber
  28. Serota, Raina
  29. Severance, Lauren
  30. Stone, Crystal
  31. Sturholm, Jonathan
  32. Vieira, Elaina
  33. Wilson, Tracy

*Video/private Tryout




Big West Tournament

This past weekend your Gaucho Cheerleaders travelled to Anaheim and cheered on their Men’s Basketball team to the Big West Semi Finals at the Honda Center. We had a blast and our proud of our boys regardless of the outcome. PC: Felipe Garcia